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NOTICE OF FOUND PROPERTY - Posted 09/22/2016 

  1. iPad-Apple - Case #16-414-OF
  2. HTC Smartphone – Case #16-451-OF
  3. Black Nylon Wallet - Case #16-547-OF
  4. iPhone – Case #16-578-OF


These items will be disposed or retained after 90 days pursuant to Florida State Statutes 705.103, 705.104, and 705.105

SCAM ALERT - ONGOING (Originally Posted 12/17/2014)

Over the past few months my staff has met with many residents and exchanged information regarding common scams that have affected the Miami Beach and Intracoastal area.  Some common scams have included suspects who look for homes that are typically occupied by elderly people.  The suspects represent themselves as either a service provider or town/city employee.  The suspect then tells the resident that they wish to point out an issue (broken pipe or overgrown hedge by power lines) in an attempt to distract the resident from the front door. Typically a second suspect will then enter the residence  while the homeowner is being occupied in another location in the home or outside.  These diversion or distraction crimes can easily be prevented by never allowing a worker who you have not specifically requested to your home into your home. 

The second common scam involves telephone callers who represent themselves a government official such as IRS or a lawyer.  In one case a fictitious lawyer called an elderly woman and stated that her grandson, whom he had been able to name personally was under arrest in New York City for Driving Drunk and $1400.00 in bail needed to be wired to an account.  The victim attempted to wire the funds via Western Union to a Middle Eastern country. Western Union would not allow money to be wired to the location.  The victim then went to her bank and wired the money.  By the time the victim realized that this was a scam, the monies could not be stopped.  In one other instance, a suspect represented himself as an IRS agent  from a telephone number out of Washington DC. The suspect demanded back taxes to be paid on a pre-paid money card or the victim would be arrested. The victim sent $2400.00. 

We are asking residents to call the Police Department immediately anytime a person asks to enter your home for an unexpected appointment or requests money transfers for suspicious situations.  Remember also, if the deal is too good to be true, more than likely the deals is a scam!  

Chief Hemingway