Stop the Spread of Mosquito Borne Illness

Bridget Morin
Florida Department of Health
July 10, 2017

Stop the Spread of Mosquito Borne Illness!

Since the first cases of Zika made news in 2016, we all became concerned that the virus may make its way to the continental United States, and eventually to South Florida - and it did.  Happily, as of the start of mosquito season 2017, the Florida Department of Health reports the following:

"There are no areas of ongoing, active transmission of Zika by mosquitoes in Florida. All previous Zika zones in the following areas of Miami-Dade County have been lifted...with no evidence of active transmission and no additional people infected. It is not uncommon, however, for there to be isolated incidents of locally acquired Zika.

The department continues to closely monitor the status of Zika virus in Florida and take action to keep Floridians, especially pregnant women, safe. If the department identifies any areas of concern, the public and the media will be notified. The department advises residents and visitors to Miami-Dade County to remain vigilant about mosquito bite protection by draining all sources of standing water to keep mosquitoes from breeding and by wearing bug repellent."

Though there are currently no new confirmed cases of the Zika virus here in South Florida, we must remain vigilant and protect ourselves, our loved ones, and the people in our community, so please remember to DRAIN and COVER.  

Drain standing water from garbage cans, pool or car covers, tarps, flower pots, plants (especially Bromeliads), or any other item left outside where rain or sprinkler water may have collected. 

Cover your skin - with clothing and a repellent containing DEET or another synthetic chemical such as picaridin, and IR3535, or plant-derived chemicals such as citronella and oil of lemon eucalyptus.  Cover your windows and doors with screens, replacing any screens that may be damaged.

And arm yourself with knowledge.  Below you will find an assortment of helpful links that will give you all the information - and more - that you need.


Information on the Zika Virus here in Florida
from the Florida Department of Health
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Disease Control and Prevention - the CDC 
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Public Information

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