Toll Rate Increase for the Broad Causeway

Bridget Morin
Town Manager's Office
December 21, 2016

New Broad Causeway Toll Rates, Effective January 2017

o    Two-axle SunPass Vehicles, currently charged $1.00 per trip will see an increase to $1.50 per trip.
o    Two-axle non-SunPass Vehicles, currently charged $1.25 per trip will see an increase to $2.00 per trip.

These increases will apply to the first two axles of all multi-axle vehicles as well. 

# Axles SunPass Toll-by-plate
2 $1.50 $2.00
3 $6.50 $8.50
4 $11.50 $15.00
5 $16.50 $21.50
For Add'l Axles add  $5.00 $6.50


In addition, the cost of the 12 month/Annual Pass Plan for the Broad Causeway will increase to $300.00 per calendar year, from its current cost of $275.00.  The six month plan will remain at $175.00.  Pass Plans may be purchased at Town Hall only.  For more information, email

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