Pass Plan

Shepard Broad Causeway Toll Pass Plan (Pass Plan)

The Pass Plan entitles the plan holder to unlimited transponder trips through our toll provided all conditions of the Pass Plan terms are met. This is NOT the BAY PASS. The Bay Pass program ended in 2014. This program works together with your SunPass account. Only the transponder is exempt. We do not read plates and we do not exempt by plate.  If at any time your SunPass account balance falls below zero, your pass WILL be suspended or cancelled. The Plan holder is responsible for maintaining their SunPass account and transponder. and there is no auto renewal. Users are responsible for applying for renewal 15 business days prior to expiration to avoid a lapse in coverage. 

Use of the Pass Plan requires one to agree to the following terms and conditions of the Pass Plan:


In order to avail oneself of the Pass Plan program and be exempted from tolls on the Broad Causeway/SR922, you must have an existing and ACTIVE SunPass account in your name, maintain a POSITIVE BALANCE without interruption, and attest to the fact that you owe no money to the Town of Bay Harbor Islands, SunPass or FDOT on any toll account, have a working transponder properly mounted on your vehicle and pay for any toll charges you incur, including Toll-by-plate charges.

Purchase of the Pass Plan allows you exemption for the registered transponder only. We do not read license plates. We do not exempt via license plates. The transponder must always be properly mounted, at all times. It is the user’s responsibility to determine proper placement. If the exempt Transponder is not read by the receiver in the electronic toll collection lane for any reason, including but not limited to improper mounting, solar attenuating glass windshields, UV window tint film, speeding, tailgating or transponder malfunction, a negative balance or any other reason, you are 100% responsible for that toll charge, along with any resulting fines, collection or court costs and other penalties which may include points on your driving record or suspension of your vehicle registration. If at any time you damage your exempt transponder, attempt to remove and reuse a sticker/mini transponder carrying an exempt chip, allow your SunPass account balance to fall below zero or fail to properly mount your exempt transponder, you will be also be liable for any and all charges. NO REFUNDS WILL BE CONSIDERED OR GIVEN FOR ANY CHARGES NOT EXEMPTED AT THE BRIDGE LEVEL.

You agree that the Town of Bay Harbor Islands has no obligation or liability to you with respect to your use or the performance of the SunPass. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless from and against any and all damages, loss, cost, expense or liability relating to, arising from, or as a result of, the use or performance of the SunPass device. No refunds for tolls resulting from misuse will be given. You are responsible for notifying the Town and SunPass should you change vehicles or transponders. The Pass Plan is non-transferable and non-refundable. 

Violation of Terms and Conditions. Failure to abide by any of the terms and conditions stated in this agreement will terminate your current Pass Plan (immediately disqualify your device) and (any and all) toll trip transactions executed thereafter will be processed through the SunPass or Toll by Plate program as stated in the SunPass Business Rules. You may terminate your Pass Plan within 5 business days of your enrollment or renewal date. If the amount paid for your Pass Plan exceeds the dollar value of your trips to date, then a refund under the account holder’s name will be issued for the difference. (The maximum cash refund value of the Pass Plan at any point in time is the amount paid for the Pass Plan, less the dollar value of your trips from the date of activation, to date.)

To Apply for the Shepard Broad Causeway Toll Pass Plan (Pass Plan): 

Click here to download the application. SAVE IT to your computer. Fill it out using your computer's keyboard and email the completed PDF form to Town Hall ( DO NOT FILL IT OUT BY HAND. Do not scan the form and email it to us. JPEG, png, gifs and other image files will not be accepted, even if saved as a PDF.

Processing time may take as much as two weeks at present, from the date your application is submitted. That can fluctuate based on volume. Applications are processed in the order received. Your payment will be processed first before moving forward with approval. When approved, the Pass Plan is activated/renewed and notification is sent via email. If there is an issue with your application, you will be notified, also by email. 

If you are unable to fill out the application using a computer, you may print the application, fill it out and drop the original off at Town Hall in the mail slot in the front door. Do not email it. Only applications completed by computer and sent as a PDF will be accepted via email.

If you wish to pay by check, print the completed application and mail it with payment to:

Pass Plan Processing
Town of Bay Harbor Islands

9665 Bay Harbor Terrace
Bay Harbor Islands, FL 33154 

All fields must be completed as indicated on the application. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

If you do not have a current Pass Plan or it is about to expire, you must have an ample positive balance in your SunPass account to cover any tolls you incur, or have your SunPass account on EasyPay. Accounts with low or negative balances will not be approved.   

Note: Your account with SunPass must be in your name, the vehicle you intend to use with the Pass must be registered to that same account and any tolls you owe to any toll agency must be paid in full, prior to applying. Anonymous accounts or those without registered vehicles will not be approved. YOU MUST include all 13 digits of the transponder number, as printed on the ACTUAL transponder, not just the first 12 you see on the SunPass website and please do not forget to include the 4-12 digit SunPass Account number.