Pass Plan

Click on the link for the Pass Plan you wish to apply for. Download the form, print it, fill it out in its entirety and scan it using a scanner, save it as a PDF and email it to  Do not send jpg or png files. They will be rejected. If you do not have access to a printer or a scanner, email to be provided the form in an alternate format.

If approved, the pass is activated/renewed and notification is sent via email. Processing may take up to 10 business days in the months of September-October, due to volume. If you do not have a current Pass Plan or it is about to expire, you must have an ample positive balance in your SunPass account to cover any tolls you incur, or have your SunPass account on EasyPay. Accounts with low or negative balances will not be approved. 

Note: Your account with SunPass must be in your name, your vehicle must be registered to that same account and any tolls you owe to any toll agency must be paid in full, prior to applying. YOU MUST include all 13 digits of the transponder number, as printed on the ACTUAL transponder, not just the first 12 you see on the SunPass website and please do not forget to include the 4-12 digit SunPass Account number. 

You may use one form for up to 2 Pass Plan purchases. 

6-Month Pass Plan Application

Annual Pass Plan