Pass Plan

Click on the link below to access the Pass Plan application. Fill out the form online using your keyboard/keypad - do not print the form and fill it out by hand. Please read each line and fill out the form in it's entirety. YOU MUST include all 13 digits of the transponder number, as printed on the transponder, not just the first 12 you see on the SunPass website. Under "Plan Type" specify if you are applying for a "6-month" or "Annual" Plan and please do not forget to include the 4-12 digit SunPass Account number. In the signature fields, simply type your name. Applications with missing or incorrect information cannot be processed.

You may use one form for up to 2 Pass Plan purchases. 

When you are finished, simply email the form to Processing generally takes from 2-3 business days.

We also suggest you add and to your contacts so that you will receive notifications when sent.

Shepard Broad Causeway Pass Plan Application