The Town of Bay Harbor Islands is working to ensure all of our residents who are unable to leave their homes due to the health crisis have emergency access to meals and food. 

We have a toll free hotline for residents to call to be connected with these emergency resources.   The hotline is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.  The hotline is staffed by operators who speak English and Spanish.   

The number is to call is 1-877-493-8518.   If calling after hours, please leave a message for our staff. Please keep in mind most of the Town staff is working remotely during this emergency situation.  

We also encourage parents of school aged children to contact to access a list of locations where food is available.    We are told food will be available through April 17th and possibly longer based on the state of emergency.  

The Town of Bay Harbor Islands is working with the Church by the Sea and Jewish Community Services of South Florida.  They have many resources available to our community.  You can reach Jewish Community Services of South Florida at (305) 576-6550 for information on their Food and Transportation programs, Home Health Care, and Behavioral Health Counseling Services.