Shepard Broad Causeway Pass Plan

What is the Shepard Broad Causeway SunPass Toll Pass Plan?

The Shepard Broad Causeway SunPass Toll Pass Plan is a flat-rate convenience toll-pass program for use with SunPass transponders, only. NON-SUNPASS TRANSPONDERS AND PLATES ARE INELIGIBLE FOR EXEMPTION.

You may apply for the Pass Plan using a smart phone, tablet or computer. If you do not have access to any such device or feel you need assistance doing so, you may go to Town Hall and request help from staff. Be sure to bring all the required documents and information with you.

  • If you submit your application on a weekend or holiday, the clock does not start until the next business day.
  • No one may request or expect to receive preferential processing.
  • Questions and or other correspondence related to the Broad Causeway SunPass Toll and/or the Town’s Pass Plan must be addressed to Such correspondence, as well as all other Toll-related records and monetary transactions, are subject to review by SunPass, FDOT, Pass Plan Department staff, the Town Manager and federally mandated audits. All appropriate parties will receive a copy via the address. 

The Application Review Process

Prior to applying, please check your account ON A COMPUTER to insure your application will not be rejected. 

The information provided on each application is sent to SunPass for verification and your SunPass account activity is reviewed for the past 90-days. If rejected you will be required to reapply.  Any of the following are reason for rejection:

  • Information on the application that does not match your SunPass account. (Account holder name, address, etc.) 

If you are aware of any issues, you need to let us know. Email and include a detailed explanation. Be sure to include the name that will appear on your application, transponder number(s) and account number.

Terms and Conditions of the Broad Causeway Toll Pass Plan

  • In order to avail oneself of the Pass Plan program and be exempted from tolls on the Broad Causeway/SR922, you must have an established, active SunPass account in your name and a working SunPass transponder mounted in your vehicle.
  • Your SunPass account must reflect a positive balance history for the previous 90-days and this positive balance must be maintained without interruption.
  • Newly established accounts with insufficient history or previously negative accounts or those with low balances not enrolled in auto replenishment may not be approved.
  • If at any time during enrollment you allow your SunPass account to go negative, your SunPass account AND Pass Plan will be terminated until such time as all outstanding tolls are paid.
  • Prior to applying, you must have paid any tolls previously incurred by any means and attest to the fact that you owe no money to the Town of Bay Harbor Islands, SunPass, FDOT on any toll agency. If you have defaulted on a toll bill in the past, you are not eligible to participate in the Broad Causeway Toll Pass Plan Program.
  • You must have a current, valid Florida Driver License.
  • Your vehicle must have a Florida plate and a current, valid Florida vehicle registration in your name (or in the name of your spouse). (Out-of-state, seasonal residents wishing to purchase 6-month passes must provide proof of residence for the state in which they reside full-time.)
  • Each Pass Plan covers one (1) transponder for use in one (1) vehicle for the number of days purchased.
  • The transponder is your sole means of access to zero-cost tolls. If the exempt Transponder is not read by the receiver in the electronic toll collection lane for any reason you are 100% responsible for that toll charge.
  • The Pass Plan holder is responsible for properly mounting their transponder HORIZONTALLY in the correct location as per the instructions provided on the transponder packaging or in their vehicle's operating manual and for making sure their transponder is read when using the Broad Causeway toll. Transponder Minis (sticker-type transponders) may not be peeled off and reused.
  • If you are unable to find a position on your vehicle which allows for consistent reads you will be refunded the cost of the Pass Plan, less any trips that were exempted to date.
  • License plate charges are not covered by the Pass Plan. Tolls attributed to your license plate, VTOL charges and ITOL charges will be billed at the standard rate, for which you will be liable. Accounts found to have a history of ITOL/VTOL charges will be flagged and may not be approved.
  • No refunds for plate charges may be sought and none will be considered, regardless of the reason.
  • Attempting to be refunded for ineligible toll charges from SunPass or the Town may result in termination of your Plan.

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