From the Office of Town Manager, Maria Lasday
2:15 pm, September 2, 2021

The primary concern of the Town of Bay Harbor Islands is the safety of its residents. As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the structural integrity of all buildings in the Town, we initiated a mandatory inspection of all buildings of a certain age and size. These inspections are being conducted by a third-party, professional engineering company at no cost to the structure owners. Earlier today, an engineer from the professional engineering company inspected a multi-story residential apartment building located at 1060 95th Street. The independent engineer on site verbally highlighted significant structural defects, and as a result the structure has been declared as unsafe by the Town of Bay Harbor Islands’ Chief Building Official. The Town expects to receive a written inspection report very soon.

Due to the Town of Bay Harbor Islands’ Chief Building Official’s declaration of an “unsafe” building at 1060 95th St., the residents of the building's 9 units have been ordered to immediately evacuate. The Town of Bay Harbor Islands is working closely with the building’s management company, the building’s court ordered receiver, and several charitable organizations to provide support to displaced residents and their pets.

The building is 73 years old, and has been repeatedly cited by the Town of Bay Harbor Islands for numerous violations. Unfortunately, neither the property owner nor subsequent receiver have rectified the structure’s issues, and today’s notification by the independent engineer of a safety issue necessitates the evacuation of the building.

All questions regarding the evacuation should be addressed to the property manager Erick Pamblanco (“CK”) at 904-505-4461, the recently appointed court-ordered receiver at 305-321-5988 or to the Bay Harbor Islands Town Manager, Maria Lasday, at 305-866-6241. Media requests, please email mlasday@bayharborislands-fl.gov.

Town of Bay Harbor Islands
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