Building Department


The Building Department duties are to enforce the local and state codes regarding the construction and maintenance of the buildings and structures in an impartial manner in order to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Town of Bay Harbor Islands.  The Department will strive to educate staff, the construction industry and our residents on codes and procedures to preserve the quality of life for our community.

A Building Permit is required for most types of construction work within the Town of Bay Harbor Islands.  Please contact the Building Department to determine which types of projects do not require a Building Permit.

For proposed work affecting the exterior of the structure such as awnings, driveways, fences, paint, signs, windows, doors, additions, new construction, etc., the Town requires review and approval by the Town Community Planner and/or the Planning and Zoning Board prior to review by the Building Department.


The Town of Bay Harbor Islands now uses the Citizenserve Web Portal to allow you to apply ONLINE for all construction related permits, without ever having to visit the Building Department office.

It's easy to use, too! Just go to the BHI Online Portal Page, click on "My Account" and register. Once you are enrolled, this easy-to-use web portal allows you to apply for a permit, make payments via credit card, upload documents, request an inspection, review inspection results and access all the permits you have pulled for your property.


Construction hours are Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (excluding holidays)

No construction work allowed in the Town on Saturdays or Sundays.


To schedule an inspection please call (305) 993-1786 or submit an inspection request online via the BHI Online Portal Page

Please schedule your inspection at least 24 hours prior to date of your request. Inspections are available on the following days.

Building Inspections – Monday thru Thursday between 3pm to 6pm – NO FRIDAY INSPECTIONS

Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Inspections – Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 3pm to 5pm

Zoning Inspections – Please contact the Building Department directly to schedule an appointment.


There is no registration fee. License and/or Insurance updates and new registration information can be emailed to

Please provide a copy of the following documents to register your company

  1. Business Tax Receipt
  2. State of Florida License
  3. Worker’s Compensation (Town of Bay Harbor Islands as Certificate Holder)
  4. Worker’s Compensation Exemption and attached form
  5. Liability Insurance (Town of Bay Harbor Islands as Certificate Holder)
  6. Certificate of Competency
  7. Municipal Contractor’s Tax Receipt

If you wish to determine whether a contractor is licensed with the state, you may contact the State of Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation at (850) 487-1395 or You may contact Miami-Dade County at (305) 375-2568 to inquire if a contractor is licensed with the County. 



Ayanidys J. Martinez, CEP, Building and Zoning Supervisor -

Lawrence Wentworth. Permit Clerk -



Florida Building Code 2017