Business Tax Receipt

Business Tax Receipts (Occupational Licenses) 

Anyone operating a business within the Town of Bay Harbor Islands is required to obtain a municipal business tax receipt (occupational license) in addition to any County or State licenses. Fees are determined by the type of business or profession, and must be renewed annually, prior to October 1st. 

Who needs a Business Tax Receipt (Occupational License)? 

Any person, firm, association, or corporation maintaining a business location or branch office within the Town for the privilege of engaging in or managing a business, profession, or occupation, within the Town. The Town's zoning use regulations specify what businesses are permitted to operate in the Town. 

Any person who utilizes a residential unit to conduct a home business, profession, or occupation. A license is required for each separate classification at the same business location. 

It is also now required that any person conducting a vacation rental business obtained a Business Tax Receipt from the Town Clerk's office.  Download a copy of the regulations here (download).

What do I need in order to obtain a Business Tax Receipt (Occupational License)? 

Contact the Town Clerk's office for general requirements and additional requirements for certain occupations. If you wish, you may click below for a Business Tax Receipt (Occupational License) Application form. You will need Acrobat Reader to download the application.

To renew your Business Tax Receipt on-line, please click here.