Code Compliance

In an effort to keep our community attractive and encourage high property values, continual patrols by Code Compliance personnel are intended to insure that residents and business owners comply with codes and ordinances of the Town. At the present time, the Town has two Code Compliance Officers. The Code Officers regularly patrol the Town, research complaints, and enforce building and zoning codes. Code compliance assistance may be obtained by calling  305-993-1786 . 

The complete Code of Ordinances of the Town may be accessed at Municipal Code Corporation,  but the following is a sample of some of the Code requirements enforced by our Code Compliance Department: 

Any deteriorated items, such as: landscaping, fences, roofs, windows, shutters, screens, windows, shutters, screens, exterior paint, railings, facia boards, exterior doors, driveways, parking areas, garbage containers, swimming pools and pool area, or any deteriorated part of structures to the extent it causes a blight on the neighborhood or endangers life or property. 

Eyesore or areas of blight, such as litter or junk storage on property that is within view of the public or neighboring properties.

Eyesore Vehicles - Town Code prohibits "eyesore" vehicles and such vehicles can be ticketed or removed by the Town after proper notice. An eyesore vehicle is defined as: wrecked, or partially dismantled, rusted through the metal, has missing or broken body parts, has parts attached with or covered by tape, unrepaired damage over ten percent (10%) or more of the vehicle, or perhaps is covered with more than three (3) different colors of paint.

Noise Regulations - Construction, and other types of noises, are allowed on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.  Construction is not allowed on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays unless special approval is received by the Town Manager prior to the work being done. To receive an application to perform work after these hours, contact the Building Department at  305-993-1786 .

Animal Control  - The Town code requires that all dogs, when not on the premises of the owner or the person in control of the dog, must be on a leash under control of a competent person. Furthermore, it is unlawful for any person in control of any dog to fail to remove fecal matter of the dog from any public property or any private property not belonging to the owner or person having custody of the dog.

Seawalls and Docks - The Town Council recently commissioned an engineering inspection to identify deficiencies as well as assess the condition of seawalls and docks in the Town.  The report covered the Causeway Island, East Island and West Island and it categorized each seawall as good, satisfactory, fair, poor, serious or critical.  You will be receiving a letter from the Town’s Code Compliance Department advising you of your property’s condition. Depending on the condition of your seawall and/or dock, a more detailed inspection and repairs might be recommended.  To find out more information about the inspection process employed and to see the total results of all properties involved, you may download a copy of the complete report by clicking the link below:

2019 Seawall Condition and Resiliency Assessment Report

Index of Seawall Condition and Resiliency Assessment Revisions 

Submit a Code Compliance Violation Online 
Click here to search code compliance violations or submit a complaint online and it will automatically be routed to the appropriate department for investigation. 

Code Compliance Department Contact Information:

Director, Patrick J. Prendergast -

Code Officer, Evelyn Merizalde -

Code Officer, Scherrie Griffin -

Telephone: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday - Friday only: 305-993-1786