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The Town of Bay Harbor Islands uses CodeRED to communicate vital information to residential and business subscribers in the event of an emergency such as a hurricane, evacuation, flood, chemical spill, or other urgent situation via telephone, email, and text message.

The Town may also use CodeRED to communicate non-life safety matters to registered subscribers who have opted-in to receive "General Alerts."  By selecting the box for general alerts, you too may receive notification of things such as road closures, water or power service interruptions, mosquito spraying, event cancellations, etc.  

There is no charge to register for or use CodeRED and your
personal information will be kept confidential.

Click here to sign up for CodeRed 
or Call 866-939-0911

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To sign up using your cell phone, text "bhicodered" (without the "") to sms short code 9941. If you know your user name, tap "login" at the very top right of your screen, or you can just log in using your Facebook profile.

If you are already enrolled and wish to opt OUT of CodeRed go to