Check for Open Permits Online!

Bridget Morin
Bay Harbor Islands Building Department
September 13, 2019

Permits are often an overlooked component of Real Estate transactions. So-called "open" permits can cause headaches for owners who are selling or refinancing their property.

There are several reasons why a permit may remain "open."
?? An owner may have obtained a permit, but never started or completed the work.
?? The work was completed, but an inspection from the Building Department was never scheduled.
?? An inspection was done but deficiencies were found and never corrected OR they were corrected but no re-inspection was requested.

Even owners that don't anticipate selling any time soon can benefit from searching for and closing any open permits. One is able to search by address, owner's name or folio number. Take a look by visiting our permit portal -

Need more info? Stop by the Building Department on the 2nd floor of the Mayor Joseph J. Gardner Government Center, drop us a line at, or give us a call 305-993-1786.


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