Town-owned Parks to be Sprayed for Mosquitoes

Bridget Morin
Department of Public Works
August 8, 2016

The Town of Bay Harbor Islands has contracted to have all our Town-owned parks sprayed for mosquitoes this week. Because the best time to treat for mosquitoes is in the early morning hours when they feed, it necessitates our starting at 6:30 AM. There will be some leaf-blower like noise associated with the treatment so we ask for your indulgence during the hours the work is taking place.

Following is the schedule for the treatment:

Tuesday, 08/09/2016: 
Tot Lot, NW Corner of W. Broadview Drive & 96th Street, SW Corner of West Broadview Drive & 96th Street

Wednesday, 08/10/2016: 
92nd Street Park and Dog Park, Officer Scott Winters Park on 98th Street Park, and 98th Street Dog Park

Thursday, 08/11/2016: 
South Passive Park, E. Broadview Drive & 94th Street

Friday, 08/12/2016: 
North Passive Park, E. Broadview Drive & 103 Street

Each park will be safe for residents and animals to enter by the time the park opens at 8:00 AM. Should there be a heavy rain fall on any of the scheduled days, in the morning hours, the schedule will be pushed back one day.


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