Bridget Morin
Bay Harbor Islands Police Department
August 16, 2016

On school days we will close 93rd Street at W. Bay Harbor Drive during the following hours to facilitate a smoother dropping-off and picking up process, before and after school.

7:30-8:45 AM
1:30-2:10 PM
2:30-3:20 PM

During the above time periods, parents may utilize the pick-up lane shown below or you may park for FREE in the Town's parking garage at 1165 95 Street. Do not park in any of the reserved or private parking areas as you may be ticketed or towed.
The street may be closed longer if/when there is bad weather.

NOTE - The free parking is ONLY during the times indicated above. Should you remain longer you may be ticketed.

For more information, call Ton Hall at 305-866-6241.