On March 14, 2016, the Town Council of the Town of Bay Harbor Islands passed Ordinance 989, establishing a Sustainable Building Program, the purpose of which is to establish goals, programs and procedures that will help the Town become a more sustainable community.

A pivotal part of this program is the voluntary participation of parties engaged in  residential or commercial construction interested in seeking sustainable building certification, as per the published LEED standards of the USGBC, FGBC green building standards, GBI's Green Globes rating system, Energy Star standards, or similar state or nationally recognized program certification standards.

For any program participant seeking said sustainable building certification, the following incentives shall be made available: 

  1. Rebate of permit fees-
    Building permit and plan review fees shall be rebated upon certification of sustainable building program projects, including one-and two-family residential projects, and remodeling projects that meet the certification requirements of USGBC, FGBC, GBI's Green Globes, or Energy Star. 

    Proof and verification of certification shall be required as a condition of the rebate of fees by the Town and shall be submitted to the town within 120 days of issuance of a certificate of occupancy or certificate of use to be eligible. Rebates shall be provided pursuant to the following schedule: 
    • A rebate of thirty (30) percent of paid permit and plan review fees for FGBC "Gold," USGBC "Platinum," or four (4) Green Globes certification;
    • A rebate of twenty (20) percent of paid permit and plan review fees for FGBC "Silver," USGBC "Gold," or three (3) Green Globes certification; 
    • A rebate of ten (10) percent of paid permit and plan review fees for FGBC "Bronze," USGBC "Silver," or two (2) Green Globes certification; and 
  2. Green building award. For the purpose of publicly recognizing outstanding commitment to "green building and construction practices" the sustainable building program shall provide for an award of a framed Town proclamation to be awarded annually to each program participant receiving a recognized certification. 
  3. Recognition. The Town shall coordinate a program of recognition, on the Town web site or through other additional means, identifying participating sustainable building projects. 
  4. Signage. 
    • A builder may install one additional temporary construction sign, not to exceed twenty-four (24) square feet in area that notes: "This project is a Town of Bay Harbor Islands Green Certified Project by (Company Name)" and/or "Certified Florida Yards & Neighborhoods." 
    • A developer of a commercial project may add the notation, "Town of Bay Harbor Islands Green Certified Project" in four-inch letters on permitted project entry and identification signs.

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