Film or Special Event Permit

Per the Bay Harbor Islands, Florida Code of Ordinances, Chapter 21 - Film Industry and Special Events, a permit is required for commercial filming (including still photography) and special events.

Commercial Film

Article I notes, "Permit required. No person shall engage in, conduct or carry on film production on any town property or private property without first applying for and receiving a filming permit. A filming permit must be obtained authorizing film production at each production location notwithstanding that multiple production locations may be part of a single film production."

Special Events

Article II notes, "It shall be unlawful to engage in special events without a special events permit. Applicants wishing to hold a special event must submit a completed special events application, including but not limited to an application form, site plan, fees, deposits, insurance and indemnification, no less than 15 business days in advance of the event."