Town Manager

In the Council-Manager form of government under which Bay Harbor Islands is chartered, the Town Manager is a constitutional officer, as required by the Town Charter.  The Manager is appointed by, and reports to, the Town Council.

The Manager is responsible for ensuring that the policies, directives, resolutions and ordinances adopted by the Town Council are carried out. As the Chief Administrative Officer, the Town Manager is responsible for the daily operations of the Town. 

All of the various departments of the Town are under the supervision of the Town Manager, and residents who need particular assistance in resolving a problem are encouraged to contact the Manager or any member of his staff.  

The Town Manager's office is located at the Town Hall, in the Mayor Joseph J. Gardner Government Center, 9665 Bay Harbor Terrace.  Many services are provided through the administrative offices and prompt, courteous response to citizen requests is a priority.

About the Town Manager

J.C. Jimenez took the oath of office on November 19, 2018, as just the eighth Town Manager in the more than 70-year history of Bay Harbor Islands. Prior to being appointed as Town Manager, J.C. served as the Assistant Town Manager for 16 years. 

J.C. began his public service career as an intern at the Village of Key Biscayne and advanced to Administrative Assistant to the Village Manager. In 2002, he joined Bay Harbor Islands as Assistant to the Town Manager. He was promoted to Assistant Town Manager in 2006.

J.C. holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Public Administration from Florida International University. In 2017, he obtained the Credentialed Manager designation from the International City Managers Association (ICMA) and he currently serves as Vice President for the Miami-Dade County City Managers Association.